Graduate Students:

Matthew Roberson

B.S. in Chemistry with a focus in Analytical Chemistry (2014), University of Tennessee at Martin

Current Research: My current research focuses on understanding the mechanisms of interactions between naturally occurring antimicrobial peptides and cell mimics. Insight into these interactions is achieved using a variety of both electronic and vibrational spectroscopic methods such as UV-Vis, fluorescence, CD, FT-IR, and 2D-IR spectroscopy. This research will lead to the investigation of glycoprotein-antimicrobial and transmembrane protein-antimicrobial interactions.

Favorite Scientist: Albert Einstein and Erwin Schrodinger

Farzaneh Chalyavi

B.S. in pure chemistry (2010), University of Shahid Bebeshti M.S. in Analytical chemistry (2012), Iran University of Science and Technology

Current Research: Currently I am utilizing multiple intrinsic spectroscopic probes in both infrared and electronic spectroscopic methods such as FTIR, 2DIR, UV-Vis, Fluorescence, CD to study biological systems both in vivo and in vitro. Frequency-Frequency Correlations are used to assess probes sensitivity via 2DIR spectroscopy.

Favorite Scientist: Marie Curie and Albert Einstein

Natalie Fetto

B.S. Chemistry, University of Nevada, Reno

Current Research: I am currently using multiple nitrile derivatives of phenylalanine to study biological systems through fluorescence and UV-visible spectroscopy. Multiple phenylalanine derivatives are placed within the same peptide system to monitor structure and binding through either fluorescence resonance energy transfer experiments or the selective excitation of the phenylalanine derivatives.

Favorite Scientist: Nikola Tesla

Andrew Schmitz

B.A/B.S. Chemistry/Physics, Northwest Missouri State

Current Research: Vibrational coupling between non-natural amino acid and RNA probes. Development of new transient 2D IR methods for studying protein dynamics.

Favorite Scientist: Richard Feynman


B.S. Chemistry, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

Current Research: My research focuses on electronic properties of molecules and the associated inter- or intramolecular energy flow. Currenlty, I am utilizing Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) to study the nature of instrinsically disordered peptide. In addition, I will begin to study the possibility of 'Life on Mars' through spectroscopy of compounds found in resilient species in nature.

Favorite Scientist: Rosalind Franklin

Talitha Cleaveland

Undergraduate Students:

Justin Nguyen

B.S. Chemistry at UNR (Senior)

Favorite Scientist: Louis Pasteur and Alfred Nobel

Chris Mallon

B.S. Engineering Physics at UNR (Senior)

Favorite Scientist: Max Planck


Graduate Students:
Raja Reddy BommaReddy - transferred to University of South Florida
Amy Cunningham (MS) - QC Chemist at Golden Leaf Holdings
David Hogle (PhD) -

Joshua P. Martin - Assistant Professor at Metro State University of Denver

Jacob Pankey
Jack Cao (Wenqiang Cao)
Kathleen Wright
Jacob Delveaux
Ryan Long
Ian Burns
Kathleen Wright
Michael Petree
Alfred (Corey) Upton
Ryan Gustafson
Brianna Peacock

High School Students:
Erik Cheng (ACS Seed)
Luz Solorio (ACS Seed)
Gerald Roscom (ACS Seed)
Breanna Cardenas (ACS Seed)
Siddhardha Maligireddy (Davidson Academy)